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PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.3

Improvements Added support for .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012/2013. Added NuGet support for the Entity Framework Templates. There have been many improvements to the naming conventions of properties and classes. Added the ability to Generate GetByKey() search criteria. This is controlled by setting Configuration.Instance.SearchCriteriaProperty.MethodKeySuffix to a string value. If MethodKeySuffix is null or empty …Read More

PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.2

Improvements Updated the templates to use the latest version of SchemaHelper (many improvements to association detection, naming conventions and much more). Added support for Generator 6.x. Updated the QuickStart. Fixed a bug with Query Extensions not generating GetBy’s. Fixed a bug with the IsIgnoreType method in the QueryExtension.Generated.cst template. Fixed a bug where self referencing …Read More

PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.1

Here is a list of issues that were logged by the community and fixed in this release. This release focused mainly on the support for stored procedures. The following is a breakdown of the complete change log. New Features Added support for generating and managing Stored procedures. Generation of Query Extensions for views. Improvements Fixed …Read More

PLINQO for Entity Framework Overview Video

It’s still Entity Framework, but easier! PLINQO can generate your EDMX, entity classes, and query logic in seconds. It then allows you to safely regenerate that code at anytime, thus synchronizing your EDMX with the database while still intelligently preserving custom changes. PLINQO is a replace and enhance alternative for Entity Framework that brings the …Read More

PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0 Released!

One small step for PLINQO, one giant leap for Entity Framework! PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0 We are very excited to release the first version of PLINQO for Entity Framework. PLINQO offers these primary features over standard Entity Framework: Quickly and safely regenerate your EDMX against your database. Inteligently seeks out and merges data changes …Read More

PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0

EDMX Quickly and safely regenerate your database while keeping it in sync with your database model. Ability to filter what gets updated from the database. Ability to safely rename your entities with ease using a Clean Expression. Preserves custom changes and meta-data to your EDMX file (E.G. Custom View keys are preserved against regeneration). Better …Read More

Two Important Questions about PLINQO EF

The .NET community is the best development community ever.How do I know that? Because they ask the best questions! Here are two really important questions that we have been asked concerning PLINQO for Entity Framework that I wanted to call some extra attention to: What is the advantage of using PLINQO EF instead of standard …Read More

Wanted: Entity Framework Suggestions

We have all been waiting for this day to come, and now it is finally here: Entity Framework has finally matured, and it is time to create some CodeSmith Generator templates for EF! We are excited to finally begin this project and we simple can not wait to get started, but first we need your …Read More