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How JSONP Works

So recently I was having a conversation with someone about my JSONP update for the ExtJS library. We were talking about how I added error handling to their default implementation, and exactly what trick I had used to do that. However, we should probably start at the beginning… What is JSONP, and how does it …Read More

Another CodeSmith DNUG Tour Update!

On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again! The life I love is making code with my friends, and I can’t wait to get on the road again! Dates New York July 6th – Fairfield DNUG – Code Generation July 7th – Long Island DNUG – Code Generation Texas …Read More

CodeSmith 2011 User Group Tour Update!

The Arkansas leg of the tour went really well. Hey, rest of the US: Arkansas has an amazing .NET community! I don’t know what’s better, their top notch developers or their gorgeous scenic byways? Either way, I am officially a huge fan of Arkansas. My thanks to everyone who came who out, and a special …Read More

Two Important Questions about PLINQO EF

The .NET community is the best development community ever.How do I know that? Because they ask the best questions! Here are two really important questions that we have been asked concerning PLINQO for Entity Framework that I wanted to call some extra attention to: What is the advantage of using PLINQO EF instead of standard …Read More

Winter Retrospective

It has been spring now for a few weeks, and while the weather in my home state of Texas still seems to be confused about this, I am just happy to finally have the sun set after the work day ends! With the changing of the seasons also comes (for us) the arrival of a …Read More

OAuth 2.0 for MVC, Two Legged Implementation

OAuth 1.0 was one complicated beast. The OAuth 2.0 spec greatly simplified things, but that also had the wonderful side effect of rending all of our old OAuth 1.0 code obsolete. They say that "the only thing a pioneer gets is an arrow in the back," I disagree, I say "the thing that only a …Read More