PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.1

Here is a list of issues that were logged by the community and fixed in this release. This release focused mainly on the support for stored procedures. The following is a breakdown of the complete change log.

New Features

  • Added support for generating and managing Stored procedures.
  • Generation of Query Extensions for views.


  • Fixed a bug where the NamingConventions wouldn’t handle columns that were only numbers or single characters like .,!~
  • Fixed a performance issue where TableEntity and ViewEntity would load all table or views properties twice during generation.
  • Updated the IgnoreExpression to exclude ASP.NET View’s by default.
  • Fixed a bug where an Entity Property wouldn’t be properly mapped.
  • Fixed a bug where an association was being created when one side of the association was not a keyed column.
  • Fixed a bug in the query extension could cause a compile time error.
  • Fixed a bug where property names would be improperly cased in the EDMX file.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated property names could be added to a view or stored procedure.
  • Fixed a bug with View Key Generation (validation between conceptual and storage model). .
  • Fixed a bug where the ConceptualEntity would not mark Many-to-Many Association as a Parent Association.

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