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Mailboxes in CodeSmith Insight

Learn how you put CodeSmith Insight’s mailboxes to their full use in only a few minutes. This video covers creating mailboxes as well as sending and receiving email inside of Insight. (Please visit the site to view this media) Visit

PLINQO – DDNUG Presentation

The Dallas .NET Users Group was the place to be on July 9th, 2009. The presentation will make you aware of all the features PLINQO has to offer. A test driven demo that walks through each feature one by one and provides a nice overview that will definitely get you excited about the new world …Read More

CSLA – The Quick Start

Learn how you can unleash the power of the CodeSmith CSLA templates and get your project using CSLA going in only a few minutes. This step by step guide to getting going with CSLA using CodeSmith will make it easy to become immediately productive using the CSLA framework. Download the templates.

Active Snippets

Imagine Visual Studio 2008 snippets, but with the full power of CodeSmith available to execute any logic or access any complex metadata (including database schema and xml data) to control the output of your snippets. After creating an alias for your ActiveSnippet, you can execute it like: alias param1, param2, param3 and using the CTRL-E, …Read More

CodeSmith Explorer and Using CodeSmith NHibernate Templates Video Tutorials available

Today, we have added two more video tutorials to our library. You can view all of our video tutorials in our CodeSmith Video Tutorials Library. CodeSmith Explorer CodeSmith Explorer provides an easy interface for organizing and executing CodeSmith templates. In this tutorial, we will walk you through CodeSmith Explorer and show the benefits and time-savings …Read More