PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0 Released!

One small step for PLINQO, one giant leap for Entity Framework!

PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0

We are very excited to release the first version of PLINQO for Entity Framework. PLINQO offers these primary features over standard Entity Framework:

  • Quickly and safely regenerate your EDMX against your database.
  • Inteligently seeks out and merges data changes with code changes.
  • Ability to filter what gets updated from the database.
  • Each generated class is separated into editable and generated files.
  • Complex types are generated into an organized folder structure.
  • Generates chainable query extension methods that simplify query logic.
  • Query extensions support advanced comparison and containment opperators.
  • Get up and running in 30 seconds or less with the PLINQO Quickstart.

Download the premier version, or get more information on the official page.

What is PLINQO for Entity Framework?

PLINQO is a set of CodeSmith Templates that generate ORM (Object Relational Mapping) frameworks using consistent design patterns and best practices. PLINQO Frameworks also include an advanced set of features to both simplify and optimize the task of data access.

Entity Framework is Microsoft’s ORM of choice. It is an advanced framework that uses multiple models to allow for flexibility between the data and object model layers. While being very powerful, it has been criticized for being overly complex.

PLINQO for Entity Framework brings the simplifications, optimizations, and convenience of PLINQO to Entity Framework. The ultimate goal is to take the best of both worlds and put them together into a robust framework that is easy to use.

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