Unifying the CodeSmith Generator Experience

Over the years there has been a lot of confusion and complaints about the Standard edition of CodeSmith Generator. Here are just a few of the issues that we see with having two separate editions of CodeSmith Generator:

  • Support requests with people who had downloaded the Professional trial and then purchased Standard only to find out that certain templates didn’t work with Standard.
  • A lot of the templates that we have created recently are designed to be used inside of Visual Studio and those features aren’t available in the Standard edition.
  • We have spent a LOT of effort integrating CodeSmith Generator 6.0 even more into Visual Studio, which is not available in the Standard edition.

So we have decided to make a change. Beginning with 6.0, we will no longer be offering a Standard edition. There will just be a single version called CodeSmith Generator 6.0. We think this will make things simpler and allow us to focus on creating the best templates possible going forward.