CodeSmith Generator 6.0: Go To Definition and View Code Support

The CodeSmith Team has been hard at work on feedback received from CodeSmith Generator Beta 2 as well as two new features to Generator 6.0.

Go To Definition

We are very happy to announce Go To Definition support which will be available in the Release Candidate. This feature will allow you to right click on any identifier (E.G., Classes, Methods, Properties and Variables) in your template and quickly navigate to where they were defined. This makes navigating your template code much easier!

We are still working on supporting a few usage scenarios with this feature, but it is already proving to be very handy! Please let us know what you think.

View Code

The second feature we added to CodeSmith Generator 6.0 was the ability to open a code behind or partial class that is defined via a CodeTemplates Src attribute. In the previous version of CodeSmith Generator, a user had the ability to automatically open associated template files. Starting in Generator 6.0, we removed that option as we felt that it could clutter your Editing experience. We have received a great amount of feedback to bring this feature back.

We listened to your feedback and added a View Code context menu item that will allow you to open or switch tabs to a templates partial class or code behind.

We plan on expanding on the capabilities of the View Code and Go To Definition features in the near future! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.