PLINQO 5.0 – An ORM for 2010!

The year is 2010. Visual Studio’s UI is all new. The .NET framework is on version 4.0. …and PLINQO continues to bring you the latest and greatest in LINQ to SQL enhancements!

If you haven’t experienced PLINQO yet or would like to learn more, be sure to watch the new PLINQO Overview. Also, we have made it easier than ever to get up to speed quickly by adding a feature tour along with video tutorials for all the major PLINQO features.

Notable new 5.0 features include:

  • Added Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Support
  • Updated QuickStart with latest Dynamic Data and DataServices
  • Added SQLCacheDependancy Support
  • Added IQueryable Cache Extensions
  • Added Include extension for advanced eager loading
  • Improved AuditLog, now includes updates after SubmitChanges

Release notes

Download the latest version of PLINQO now and take advantage of all the cool new features and latest bug fixes. We are striving to make LINQ to SQL easier to use, maintain and extend. If you have any feedback or questions regarding PLINQO, visit the PLINQO site.

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