Announcing a NEW CodeSmith product: Insight

If you have an application or website and you want to communicate with your users, gather feedback, or collect errors, our new product CodeSmith Insight is here to help.

For the past six years CodeSmith Tools has been a one product company. While we are very proud of the success of our CodeSmith Generator, what we have always truly wanted was to grow into a company that offers a suite of tools. Now we are finally getting to see that dream come true. Today we here at CodeSmith Tools are excited to officially announce the public beta of our next product, CodeSmith Insight. We are very excited to invite all of you, our peers and our friends in the development community, to participate in the beta and to start sharing the benefits that our new service has to offer!

CodeSmith Insight is a completely new product, not to be confused with our Generator. CodeSmith Insight is a fusion between three different types of software:

  • Help Desk – Manages support emails and questions submitted directly from your application or web site.
  • Issue Tracker – Track feature requests, defect reports and manages priority based on votes.
  • Error Reporting Service – Easily report and organize errors received directly from your application or web site.

This means that CodeSmith Insight can handle your email communication, gather user feedback, and collect error reports. Previously, you would have had to use a series of separate systems to handle all this information, but we feel strongly that all of these are just various forms of communication, and that they all belong together. That is exactly what CodeSmith Insight does: it unites these different software systems, bringing the data together, and organizing it into one location that is convenient, easy to manage, and searchable.

Go to, watch the overview video, and sign up to participate in the FREE beta, today!

We look forward to your feedback.

~ The CodeSmith Tools Team