CodeSmith 4.0

CodeSmith 4.0 has been released today at the Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas. Here are just a few the new capabilities in CodeSmith 4.0:

  • CodeSmith Projects (.csp) – This feature makes automating your code generation process really easy and consistent whether you are working from inside of Visual Studio 2005, MSBuild, Windows Explorer, a command line / batch file, or CodeSmith itself.
  • ActiveSnippets – Imagine Visual Studio 2005 snippets, but with the full power of CodeSmith available to execute any logic or access any complex metadata (including database schema and xml data) to control the output of your snippets.
  • CodeSmith Maps (.csmap) – This feature will allow you to create dictionary style maps of things like SQL to C# data type mappings.
  • .NetTiers 2.0 – The .netTiers templates have been greatly enhanced and included with CodeSmith 4.0.
  • Extended Property Management – You can now edit and add new schema extended properties inside of CodeSmith Studio.
  • Property Persistence – CodeSmith now remembers the property values from the last time you executed a template.
  • CodeSmith Studio – Improved IntelliSense and improved overall performance.

Official Press Release is at

* Added ctrl-space support to Studio.
* Add support for .csp in web projects.
* Fix bug where .csp files didn’t work in the solution items project.
* Studio semantic parser changes to improve performance.
* Make semantic parsing work better in code behind files.
* XmlProperty now shows as a file name in the property grid and can be modified.
* User’s Guide has been updated to document the new CodeSmith 4.0 features.
* Added ContextData to CodeTemplate. Made it so that ContextData is passed to sub-templates by default.
* Added New CodeSmith Project context menu item to template explorer.
* Changed the IPropertySerializer interface to use a PropertySerializerContext now so that it can get access to the object instance and so that new information can be added to it in the future without breaking things.
* Added a TemplateState.Initializing to CodeTemplate which is the state that a CodeTemplate will be in while it is being constructed/initialized.
* Performance improvements in SqlSchemaProvider by optimizing some of the SQL and moving everything to parameterized SQL.
* Updated the Tip of the Day contents.
* Made it so that if an empty .csp file is opened, it will create a blank project instead of crashing.
* Updated to the latest Actipro controls which includes numerous bug fixes and improvements.
* Fixed a bug in the sproc text template.
* Made CodeSmith Studio the default editor for .cst files in Visual Studio.
* Fixed the 64bit licensing issue.
* Changed the Petshop sample connection string to specify Initial Catalog so that the database name isn’t a long file path.
* Fixed a deadlock issue in TextBoxWriter and made it async.
* Made UNC paths work in the MRU list on the start page.
* Removed the user / machine name from the bug report information.
* Various bug / crash report service improvements.
* Made it so that hyperlinks with & and # in them are recognized in Studio.
* Fixed a bug in SqlSchemaExplorer that was returning duplicate table columns on fields with multiple constraints.
* Added tooltips to the MRU items in the start page.
* Fixed a bug with the Add button on the manage outputs dialog being disabled in professional mode.
* Fixed a bug where changing a folder name outside of template explorer and then doing something with that folder in template explorer would cause a crash.

Download Here