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CodeSmith Tools, LLC releases version 4.0 of CodeSmith

CodeSmith is a code generation tool that helps software developers write common application plumbing code quickly and easily

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 8, 2006 – CodeSmith Tools, LLC, an award winning provider of software productivity tools, today at the Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas announced the immediate availability of CodeSmith 4.0 the latest edition of CodeSmith’s flagship developer tool.

“It’s all about making common, time consuming, repetitive tasks easier,” says Rob Howard, a Partner at CodeSmith. “CodeSmith has been such a huge success due in large part to the extensible template driven architecture that gives software professionals full control over the code that CodeSmith generates — there is no ‘black box’, and software developers appreciate that.”

Version 4.0 includes a new unified project system integrated into both Microsoft’s Visual Studio developer suite as well as CodeSmith’s own IDE. The new unified project system gives software developers a consistent experience for working with CodeSmith as part of their larger software solution. Additionally the ActiveSnippets capability, also new to version 4.0, integrates directly into Visual Studio giving developers a powerful tool for reusing advanced snippets of code. This feature is similar to the snippets feature included in Visual Studio 2005, but enables more complex code reuse like quickly creating class properties based on column information from a database table.

Beyond a number of other time saving features, Version 4.0 also includes the new .netTiers 2.0 Open Source template suite. This template suite provides a complete architecture using Microsoft’s Enterprise Library and recommended Patterns & Practices all as part of an automated code generation process. Thereby freeing developers from needing to “hand-code” this common (and highly repetitive) plumbing and scaffolding code found in all software projects.

“CodeSmith plus .netTiers has saved us countless hours,” says Terry Denham, a software architect at Telligent. “We’re building a new product and have used CodeSmith along with .netTiers to manage our entire data and web services layer freeing us to focus on solving the problems of how we acquire or present data back to users. The amount of time saved is immeasurable.”

CodeSmith 4.0 is available as a 30-day trial from More details on licensing is also available at this site.

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