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CodeSmith Generator 8.5 has Arrived!

CodeSmith Generator 8.5 is finally here after years of work with new features and improvements! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, including full support for Visual Studio 2022, .NET 4.8, and many small improvements that will make your workflow even smoother. Download Now Visual Studio 2022 First and foremost, CodeSmith Generator 8.5 …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 8.5.0

New Features Visual Studio 2022 support.  Visual Studio support can be installed as a VSIX from the Visual Studio marketplace and can be automatically updated. Added support for .NET 4.8. You can now reference .NET 4.8 assembly references. Updated Visual Studio Keyboard shortcuts. Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+E launches Template Explorer, Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+U outputs ActiveSnippet usage, Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+G expands an …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 8.0.1

New Features Added a new PostgreSQLSchemaProvider (Contrib Paul Welter). Bug Fixes Added additional error handling around saving documents in visual studio. Fixed a bug where extracting samples could fail without retrying. Many more minor bug fixes. Breaking Changes The installer no longer contains MSBuild support or Visual Studio Integration. If you are getting an error …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 8.0 has Arrived!

CodeSmith Generator 8.0 is here and it brings with it many great improvements. We’ve added Visual Studio 2017, C# 6, VB 14, and .NET 4.7 support, and made using CodeSmith Generator in CI / build server scenarios super simple. Also, a number of NuGet packages have been added to make it much easier to use …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 7.1.0

New Features Added support for Visual Studio 2015. Added SchemaSelector to allow easier selection of schema objects. Added new TypeScript templates. Bug Fixes Updated SqlCodeTemplate to handle new SQL Server native types. Fixed a bug where multiple unrelated dialog editors couldn’t be used in the propertygrid. Fixed a bug where the SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider didn’t differentiate functions from stored …Read More

Why CodeSmith Projects?

To me, asking "why would I want to use a CodeSmith Project?" is a lot like asking "why would I want to use a Visual Studio Solution?" Well, for starters, it… Saves you time. Takes less effort. Exposes more functionality. Drastically simplifies automation. IS EASY! CodeSmith Projects let you control the generation of all your …Read More