CodeSmith Generator 8.5.0

New Features

  • Visual Studio 2022 support.  Visual Studio support can be installed as a VSIX from the Visual Studio marketplace and can be automatically updated.
  • Added support for .NET 4.8. You can now reference .NET 4.8 assembly references.
  • Updated Visual Studio Keyboard shortcuts. Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+E launches Template Explorer, Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+U outputs ActiveSnippet usage, Control+Alt+G, Control+Alt+G expands an ActiveSnippet.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated PostgreSQLSchemaProvider Ngpsql dependency to the latest version.
  • Fixed a missing dependency with the command line tools NuGet package.
  • Fixed a bug where calling TemplateEngine.Compile(path, true) was not using the cache in SDK applications.
  • The Customer Experience Improvement Program is turned off by default and can be configured in options.
  • Updated all samples.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed DB2zOSSchemaProvider as the dependencies are no longer available.

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