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CSLA 4.1 Beta

Improvements Added support for .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012/2013. Added support for CSLA 4.5.xx (C# only, we will be porting these changes to the VB templates). Added WinRT Support (C# only, we will be porting these changes to the VB templates). Added NuGet support for the CSLA Templates. Added the ability to preserve the …Read More

CSLA 4.0

Improvements Added support for Generator 6.5 (The CSLA 4.0 Templates require Generator 6.5). Added support for generating from Stored Procedures and Views. Added support for CSLA 4.3.10. Updated the templates to use the latest version of SchemaHelper (many improvements to association detection, naming conventions and much more). Added various List Business Object enhancements. The generated …Read More

CSLA 3.0.2

Bugs Fixed a bug where a FileLoadException would be thrown when selecting a table on any master template deriving from EntityCodeTemplate. This release requires that CodeSmith 5.2.2 is installed. Download CSLA templates Download PetShop Visual Basic or CSharp Sample Applications

CSLA 3.0.1

New Features Bugs Exceptions Usability Problems Known Issues New Features Added support for CSLA 4.0.1 Added Silverlight support for the Command Object. Added a ChildLoader to facilitate Silverlight lazy loading. Added a partial method override for OnChildLoading. Added the ability to specify a child class name. This is so you can create a list and …Read More

CSLA 3.0.0

New Features Bugs Exceptions Performance Problems Usability Problems Known Issues New Features Added support for CSLA 4.0. Updated templates to support the new Rules Engine. Updated support for the latest CSLA 4.0 Business base classes. Added Silverlight 4.0 support (Requires CSLA 4.0). Updated Framework Samples with a Silverlight project. Supports Lazy Loading of Child properties. …Read More

Updated CSLA QuickStart Video

We have released an updated CSLA Quickstart video which can be found here. This video focuses on the changes to the recently released CSLA v2.0 templates. We will be releasing more CSLA videos soon.

CSLA 2.0.0

Added SQL Stored Procedure support Added Object Factory support. Added merge region support as well as support to actively generate stored procedures. Added ExistsCommand, this does a database lookup to see if an item exists in the database. Added support for generating ReadOnly business objects along side of an Editable business objects. Added Column and …Read More

CSLA 1.1

Visual Basic support Added generated authorization rules based on work described here. Fixed a bug where a Column that is a primary key and a foreign key was not handled correctly. Fixed a bug where many to many tables would be excluded from the Entities collection. The CleanExpression and IgnoreExpression are now case insensitive. Fixed …Read More