NuGet support for the Template Frameworks

If you haven’t heard about
NuGet yet, you may be living under a rock! NuGet, is a package manager that gives you quick access to add or update external dependencies. We love making our products that save you as much time as possible, which is why we thought NuGet would be a perfect fit.

Please follow the guide below on how to use our CSLA templates via NuGet! We have also updated all of our CSLA documentation to reflect using NuGet and much more.

Getting Started

  1. Install the CodeSmith.Generator.CSLA NuGet package to a new or existing CSharp or Visual Basic project.
    1. Open the NuGet Package Manager Console.
    2. Type Install-Package CodeSmith.Generator.CSLA into the console and press enter.
  2. Configure the newly created Entities.csp CodeSmith Generator Project file.
    1. You will first need to open the Manage Outputs dialog. You can do this by right clicking on the Entities.csp file and selecting Manage Outputs.
    2. Next, double click on the Entities.cst template output or right click and select Edit Output.
    3. Next, configure what gets generated by choosing a Source Database. You can accomplish this by selecting the (…) button next to the SourceDatabase property.
    4. Finally, save your configured properties by clicking the OK button.
  3. Right click the Entities.csp and select Generate.
  4. Sit back and relax while your CSLA code is being generated!