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CodeSmith Insight 1.5.0

Improvements Updated all client builds. Please update your clients to the latest version. Added support for ReplyTo emails. Added Version custom field type. Added support for searching by major or minor version custom field type values (E.G., version:6.5 or version:6). Added support for CaseDocument to have lists of numeric types. Various improvements for importing cases …Read More

CodeSmith Insight’s Graphical Reports

CodeSmith Insight now offers graphical reports that show you the health of your application. CodeSmith Insight’s reports can provide visualizations that are invaluable to the maintenance, support, and growth of your applications. CodeSmith Insight is an Error Reporting Service that ensures you will always receive a complete report of every issue that your end users …Read More

CodeSmith Insight 1.4.1

Bug Fixes Fixed Silverlight client build issue. Fixed HtmlDescription API content. Updates Updated Client Builds Significant updates to client build process. Fixed minor inconsistencies between client initialization. All client downloads no include merged and independent assemblies. Updated Instance deactivation criteria. Updated file storage usage restriction processing.

CodeSmith Insight vs ELMAH

We at CodeSmith Tools really liked ELMAH, "an application-wide error logging facility that is completely pluggable." However, ELMAH only works with ASP.NET, and we needed more. That is why we created CodeSmith Insight. CodeSmith Insight offers, quite literally, a super set of ELMAH’s features. Check out our product comparison page for details.

Import from FogBugz to CodeSmith Insight

Are you interested in using CodeSmith Insight, but are still tied to your old bug tracking software? Well if that legacy system is FogCreek’s FogBugz, then you are in luck! CodeSmith Tools is now offering a free import service for migrating your FogBugz data into CodeSmith Insight.This migration includes users, emails, cases, contacts, tags, even …Read More

CodeSmith Insight 1.2.3

Usability Enhancements Double clicking on a case now opens it immediately. Updated billing expiration messages. Bug Fixes Fixed bug where updating account details did not refresh data. Fixed bug that could prevent editing case Project or Contact. Fixed bug where nested Exception Messages could be too long. Fixed build for Silverlight client.