Insight 1.3 Released, Includes MVC3 Client

CodeSmith Insight is an Error Reporting and User Feedback Service, and it has added out of the box support for yet another framework: ASP.NET MVC 3

The New MVC3 Client

Reporting your errors from an MVC3 web application is now easier than ever: Just reference the client assembly and add some configuration. Our MVC3 client works with both the new MVC global HandleErrorAttribute as well as the IIS error events, ensuring that all of your errors always submit a detailed crash report.

We have also updated added an MVC2 specific client assembly that includes access to some helpful new FilterAttributes.

Additional Updates

  • SqlExceptions now use SQL error code’s for stacking.
    • Actually, a lot has changed with how we stack exceptions. Exceptions are stacked based on what we call ExceptionSignatures, and these signatures are now calculated server side. This means two things: 1) We can now add special case logic for things like SqlExceptions, so that they take SQL error codes into account. 2) The less work the client assemblies have to do, the less often you have to worry about updating them.
  • Added UserCommonMethods and WrappedExceptionTypes configuration options.
    • UserCommonMethods allows us to specify methods that exceptions should not stack on, even when they are in a UserNamespace. A LINQ to SQL example of this would mean that you should ignore errors that happen in the DataContext.SubmitChanges method, because that code is too generic and won’t tell you specifically where your code is experiencing trouble. WrappedExceptionTypes allows users to specify exceptions they always want to be unwrapped in a report, such as an HttpException.
  • Usability Enhancements
    • Web Application: Added loading masks to search result grids.
    • Web Application: Case titles will now display HTML content.
    • Client API: AddObject method can now add multiple objects with the same type name.

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