Winter Retrospective

It has been spring now for a few weeks, and while the weather in my home state of Texas still seems to be confused about this, I am just happy to finally have the sun set after the work day ends!

With the changing of the seasons also comes (for us) the arrival of a new business quarter. Before I look forward, I would like to take a moment to look back and see how things went last quarter and maybe even learn something about how to move forward. So without further adieu, here is the CodeSmith Winter Retrospective.

CodeSmith Generator

CodeSmith Insight

  • So far this year we have released a minor version of CodeSmith Insight, and are currently on version 1.3, which includes an MVC 3 client assembly.
  • We have released a FogBugz import process for Insight, as well as a product comparison to ELMAH.
  • We are very close to releasing CodeSmith Insight 1.4, which will feature all new graphical reports, more performance optimizations, and additional API search result data.



  • 2011 Road Map – We published our first company road map in January, and so far we have stayed on track.
  • New Documentation Site – We launched, and have since migrated all of our documentation to a new wiki format.
  • ExtJS Spotlight – CodeSmith Insight enjoyed sometime in the limelight on the official Secha blog.
  • OAuth 2.0 – We open sourced an OAuth 2.0 for MVC module.
  • DNUG Tour – CodeSmith’s Tom DuPont (that’s me!) is hitting the road to talk about .NET around the country.

Spring Road Map

  • PLINQO for Entity Framework 1.0
  • CodeSmith Generator 6 Alpha 1
  • CodeSmith Insight 1.4
  • PLINQO for NHibernate Beta?

In Summary

I’d say that we made good progress this winter.
Full speed ahead to spring!

~ Tom