How Does Premier Support Work?

So, what is Premier Support and how does it work? We get this question from
time to time and I am here to clear up any questions you may
have about it. Premier Support is a support option that can be added to any of
our CodeSmith Generator licenses. With it you get the following:

  • FREE upgrades to new major and minor releases of
    CodeSmith Generator.
  • Priority access to the CodeSmith development
    team for your support issues.
  • 1 Business day email response time with priority over standard users.
  • Access to bug fixs and nightly builds without waiting for official releases.

The cost of Premier Support is $99 for one full year and at the
end of the year we send out a renewal notice to remind you of when your support
expires so you can renew it before the end of the expiration date. Upon
renewing the license, we add the year you paid for to the end of the expiration date.

Upon the release of Generator 6.0, we will be making a few changes
to our Premier Support. Users will have the following choices:

  • Purchase 1 year of Premier Support at the time of purchasing or upgrading a license.
  • Purchase 1 year of Premier Support at a later date. This will include an additional fee on top of the Premier Support cost.
  • Pay for support on a per incident basis.

Those without current Premier Support will only have access to the version they received at the time of purchase and will have to pay for any major upgrades.

So what are you waiting for? Renew Now and get a FREE upgrade to Generator 6!