CodeSmith 5.2.2

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New Features

  • This is an Important Update for all customers using Visual Studio 2010.
  • Added support for removing CodeSmith Visual Studio project dependencies when you disable generate on build.
  • Added support for SDK users to disable CodeSmith Insight Integration.
  • Added the ExtendedProperty CS_UserDefinedType to the OracleSchemaProvider CommandSchema to specify the name of the UDT
  • PLINQO has been updated to version 5.0.0.


  • Fixed a bug where a user was unable to create a new text file in the Template Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where GetSqlParameterStatement was returning a Size for timestamp.
  • Added GetSqlParameterStatement support for escaping known symbols in column / table names.
  • Fixed a bug in the OracleSchemaProvider where multiple foreign keys with the same name could be returned.


  • Fixed a bug in the OracleSchemaProvider where Turkish characters could cause it to throw an exception.

Performance Problems

  • Numerous performance fixes for how Assemblies are loaded, this fixed many performance bugs in VS2010 with other third party add-ins.

Usability Problems

  • Fixed a localization bug in Visual Studio 2010 where CodeSmith would cause Visual Studio 2010 to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Blocked assemblies (template nightly builds downloaded from the internet) were not able to build or generate.

Known Issues

  • There are a few preexisting issues with CodeSmith that only effect CodeSmith when running from within Visual Studio 2010. Please see this forum post for the full details and workarounds.

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