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How JSONP Works

So recently I was having a conversation with someone about my JSONP update for the ExtJS library. We were talking about how I added error handling to their default implementation, and exactly what trick I had used to do that. However, we should probably start at the beginning… What is JSONP, and how does it …Read More

How to Learn ExtJS

Ever since CodeSmith Insight was featured on the Sencha Product Spotlight I have been getting a lot of questions about ExtJS. Specifically how to start learning it, and what tools we recommend using. Well rather than respond to these inquiries one email at a time, I thought it might be a good idea to throw …Read More

Ext JS Spotlight: CodeSmith Tools

CodeSmith Insight’s UI is enjoying some time in the limelight: "CodeSmith made Ext JS their JavaScript framework of choice when they built CodeSmith Insight. Read about CodeSmith best practices with Ext JS in a .NET environment." Read the whole article on the Sencha blog.

Ext.ux.JSONP v2.0

The ExtJS library does include a JSONP component, but I found it to be lacking a very important piece of functionality. The Problem: No Error Handler Anyone who know’s anything about JSONP is immediately going to call attention to the fact that JSONP isn’t capable of supporting error handling by design. While that is true, …Read More

MVC 2 Client Side Model Validation with ExtJS

One of the most exciting new features in MVC 2 is "Enhanced Model Validation support across both server and client". The new enhanced support allows for client side validation to be dynamically generated into a view quickly and easily using DataAnnotations attributes on models. This means that by simply dressing up your model properties with …Read More

MVC JSON Model Binder

Here it is folks, the Ultimate Ultimate Asp.Net MVC JSON Model Binder!…yes, I said Ultimate twice. Moving complex data structures from client to server used to be difficult, but not anymore! Just add the JsonBinder attribute to your action parameters, and this Custom ModelBinder will automatically detect the type and parameter name, and deserialize your …Read More