Weekly Update – Review of New Releases and More

Last week we announced release notes for Exceptionless 4.0.2, Exceptionless.NET 4.0.3, and Exceptionless.UI 2.6.2. In our weekly update this week, we review some of those changes/updates, Foundatio changes, and more. Check it out!

Exceptionless Live Stream Update 4/13/17 #

Exceptionless Core Updates #

In Exceptionless Core, we added support for MailKit, pipeline action and plugin level metrics, and the ability to dynamically shut down functionality via the configuration. We also made pipeline performance improvements. There are more performance improvements to make,

Foundatio Updates #

For Foundatio, we updated the Azure storage copy implementation to copy server side, fixed an issue where FolderFileStorage wasn’t behaving properly when renaming files that exist, and fixed a Redis cache client issue where deleting cache items by wild card was erroring out if there were no matching keys.

  • Updated the azure storage copy implementation to copy server side.

Changes to Exceptionless.NET #

For the .NET client, we merged in changes to csproj and released version 4.0.3. Make sure to check out the release notes and upgrade!

Updates to Exceptionless.UI #

In Exceptionless.UI, lists of tags now wrap to the next line, and we fixed an issue where long user names would cause the UI to go crazy.

Updates to Foundatio.Repositories #

Here, we fixed a caching issue where you couldn’t set the key without enabling cache, and we simplified index creation and stopped using a lock.


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