Weekly Update: CodeSmith Generator, Serilog Sink, and Foundatio.Redis Updates

Blake’s been busy lately, including some work on one of our other projects, CodeSmith Generator, to update Exceptionless to the latest version. Naturally, this got him thinking about other potential improvements while we were doing work on Serilog Sink for Exceptionless and Foundatio.Redis, as well.

Watch the video to hear the full story!

CodeSmith Generator Gets Latest Exceptionless Update #

While updating our WPF application, CodeSmith Generator, to the latest version of Exceptionless, Blake brainstorms several improvements that could be made to help take advantage of plugins, isolate Exceptionless from other plugins, etc.

Serilog Sink #

There was an issue that was breaking the ability to update to the latest version of Exceptionless. This has now been fixed.

Foundatio.Redis Update #

Deserialization wasn’t working properly with binary serializers, but the issue has been resolved.