Creating strongly typed repeater

When you develop ASP.Net application, you quickly discover that the basic ASP:Repeater is a killer control, although it looks quite dumb at first look, compared to DataList or the powerfull GridView, but actually its simplicity, and it’s lightness offer the flexibility required to do all those funcky stuff you only find in enterprise developpement … …Read More

CodeSmith Wins “Best Utility” Award

CodeSmith has won the "Best Utility" award in the asp.netPRO Readers’ Choice Awards! Thanks to our incredible user base, CodeSmith was able to win this category that included many other great software development products. Thank you to everyone that voted!

asp.netPRO Readers’ Choice Awards

If you are a fan of CodeSmith and would like to show your support, please take a moment to place your vote for CodeSmith in the Utility category of the asp.netPRO Readers’ Choice Awards. Each year, asp.netPRO recognizes outstanding products and vendors in the ASP.NET add-on market. Please take a moment to select your favorite …Read More