Navigating The Exceptionless World of Go

Go does not have the concept of exceptions. Welp, I guess Exceptionless doesn’t apply. Let’s pack it up and head home, everyone. Kidding, of course. While Go really doesn’t have the concept of exceptions, errors still happen in Go codebases, and those errors need to be handled. Having recently built an Exceptionless client in Go, …Read More

How To Monitor Events in Swift

Swift, best known as the programming language that enables iOS, iPadOS, and macOS developers to build apps, has been growing in popularity over the years. As of February of 2020, it had leaped into the top-10 of most popular programming languages. While Swift can be used for more than just Apple platform products, we’re going …Read More

How to Build a Custom Go Client For a REST API

Exceptionless is powered by a REST API. When you interact with the dashboard UI, when you use the .NET client, and when you use the JavaScript client, you are interacting with the REST API. It is well-documented, and it can be used without any client libraries. This paradigm makes it simple for developers to create …Read More

How to Debug Electron Apps

Electron is a great framework that makes developing cross-platform desktop applications easy. If you’re a JavaScript developer, it is probably the first thing you’ll reach for when you decide to build a desktop application. I know I did. In building my first and second desktop applications, I used Electron. In that process, I learned some …Read More

How to Use React Hooks to Monitor Events in Your App

The introduction of Hooks in React was a game-changer. Developers now had options when it came to creating stateful components. It used to be that if you had a stateful component, you’d have to use a class component, and if you had a presentational component, you could choose between a class or a function component. …Read More

Debugging a .NET Serverless App

Serverless development has become the hot thing in tech. Renting time on a virtual machine only when you need it saves money and resources. However, there are many gotchas that can make working with serverless technology difficult if you’re not prepared. One such gotcha is event handling. Unlike a Web Server applications, events in a …Read More

Why You Should be Practicing Exception Driven Development

You’ve heard of test-driven development. You’ve heard of behavior-driven development. Maybe you’ve even heard of acceptance-driven development. But you probably haven’t heard much about exception-driven development. Let’s take a look at what that type of development process is and why you should be practicing it. Exception Driven Development # Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror, wrote …Read More

Comparing Monitoring Services

Error monitoring is vital to the success of any application. Console logs only get you so far. Once your app is out in the wild, asking your customers to open up the developer tools window and inspect it for errors is a deal-breaker. This is where error monitoring services come in. Let’s take a look …Read More

Set Default Log Levels

Customize Your Log Levels on the Fly # Imagine this scenario. You’re debugging your application. You KNOW there is a problem, but your logs aren’t showing you anything helpful. You’ve bounced your head off your desk at least 34 times. Then it hits you! You’ve configured your error monitoring service to only capture FATAL errors, …Read More