Community Spotlight: Silverlight MVVM Templates

We want to give a shout out to Oscar Agreda, and his Silverlight MVVM Templates

Oscar’s templates are capable of generating an entire Silverlight application. This includes not only the data access layer, but also the Silverlight entire UI! Everything from data grids all the way to custom child windows for row editing. Perhaps best of all, the output adhere to the latest definitions of Microsoft’s best practices for Silverlight!

We want to thank Oscar for taking the time to share his work with the public. It is that kind of community spirit and professional courtesy that makes the CodeSmith community so much fun to work with.

Here is how Oscar describes his templates:

"Microsoft hired a group of top Silverlight Business experts to create the MVVM PDC presentation for the creation of truly Silverlight Business Application using the MvvM pattern, unfortunately the sample application from the presentation is not very useful and extremely small, besides there are many topics that were not covered, John Papa would have needed 40 hours to truly explain the whole Kung Fu MVVM Implementation.

That is why we created a set of templates that we like to call our Robot (yes CodeSmith is a robot that you can teach everything and it will do it for you). It takes an existing Databases Schema and uses the awesome power of CodeSmith to create a Full Silverlight Business Application based on your exiting Model. Also it creates the extensions so you can add the Business Logic, like calculated Fields, etc."

Check out the full blog post, or take a peek at the generated application.
Thanks again Oscar, and keep up the great work! Smile

~ The CodeSmith Team

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