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PLINQO for LINQ to SQL 5.2

Improvements Added support for .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012/2013. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown when trying to add an association that contains a column that was is not a supported db type (E.G., spatial types). Fixed a bug where Visual Studio Solutions wouldn’t open automatically. Fixed a bug …Read More

PLINQO for LINQ to SQL 5.1

Improvements Added support for Generator 6.x. Add MemCached Provider to PLINQO. Added IncludeManyToMany option. Updated Entities to support Nullable Composite Key assignment. Updated RuleManager and added Remove method. Added additional ClearCache methods. Updated interfaces for many associations to be IEnumerable instead of IList, this allows for comparability with .NET 3.5 Various Performance Improvements when generating. …Read More

Extending the CodeSmith Generator PLINQO templates

The following guide will walk you through the basics on how-to extend the CodeSmith Generator PLINQO Templates to fit your custom development needs. In this example we will create a new Webpage for each entity that we generate. This page will contain a LinqDataSource control and an ASP.NET GridView control that will display data from …Read More