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CodeSmith Generator Documentation

We have completed the migration of our CodeSmith Generator Documentation to our new Wiki format! Now it will be easier to keep our documentation and samples update to date, as well as provide an offline copy of our documentation in PDF format. Check out the new CodeSmith Generator Documentation over at

Generator 5.3.2 with PLINQO 5.0.4 Released

CodeSmith Generator 5.3.2 New Features Added the SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider. Added the ISeriesSchemaProvider. Added GetExtendedProperties and GetCommandResultSchemas to PostgreSQLSchemaProvider. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Generate On Build could be set improperly. Fixed several bugs in the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider. Fixed several bugs in the OracleSchemaProvider. Performance Enhancements Improved the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider performance. Improved the OracleSchemaProvider performance. Usability Enhancements Trial …Read More