A Few Recent Exceptionless Case Studies

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We like to know how Exceptionless is helping its users, and we love it when we get feedback! Every once in a while, we like to share a story or two so we can drive home the benefits of having a real-time exception logging service tied into code projects.

Surveys are sometimes sent out to users, and we wanted to share a few recent responses.

Exceptionless Case Study Questions #

  • What is the number one customer-facing bug that Exceptionless has helped you track down? Can you give us a brief description of the bug and how you solved it?

  • User 1: “Missing DLLs in the client environment, due to required 3rd party apps not being installed (eg: Crystal Reports runtime). [Exceptionless] enabled me to create a list of missing DLLs and computers for relay to the client.”

  • User 2: They were previously handling their own exception logging well and don’t have any serious customer-facing errors coming in.

  • When you first started using Exceptionless, were you surprised by the number of errors that were being reported? Approximately how many were you seeing per day?

  • User 1: “Not really, but just because I had written a similar tool that logged these before, they just were not as accessible (database table on web service).” The user reported that the above bug was appearing 10-15 times each day.

  • User 2: They were already handling their error logging and already had errors down to a minimum, around 50 per month. “The primary reasons that we switched to Exceptionless from our own code is that Exceptionless captures additional detail (including code line numbers), Exceptionless has a better interface and design for reviewing and managing errors and bugs (including summary views that we didn’t previously have), and we no longer need to maintain our own error-logging code.”

  • What is the number one internal bug that Exceptionless has helped you track down? Can you give us a brief description of the bug and how you solved it?

  • User 1: N/A

  • User 2: “…a small number of situations where our code doesn’t correctly handle empty record sets (that is, where, based on the specific query string parameters in the URL, no corresponding records are found in the database and the page is expecting that there will always be records to display).”

  • What is the number one feature request or change that you would like to see the Exceptionless Team tackle?

  • User 1: “More options to filter dashboard by tags/versions/environment variables. Custom reporting, exporting to CSV file etc or other way to import them into TFS or similar.”

  • User 2: “…my number one request is probably for additional information in daily summary emails and for a combined daily summary. Notification defaults and moving notification settings out of the project setup is probably a close second; or perhaps the ability to add comments when marking an issue as fixed would be my second highest feature request.”

  • If you have any other other examples of Exceptionless helping you squash bugs, please share them below – we would love to hear them!

  • User 1: N/A

  • User 2: “…in our small team, the additional information from Exceptionless (as well as the process of converting to Exceptionless) has prompted us to review and solve a few ongoing bugs that we were aware of…”

What has Exceptionless Done for You? #

If you use Exceptionless to log, report, organize, and squash errors in your code, we want to hear how it helps, what kind of crazy errors you are eliminating, and your general thoughts on the project! Don’t be shy, we won’t bite.

Thanks to Philip with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Michael with Customer Logic for their case study contributions. We appreciate it guys!