Tips & Tricks: ActiveSnippets

CodeSmith 4.0 delivers strong integration within Visual Studio and ActiveSnippets are a driver toward increasing developer productivity. ActiveSnippets, at a high level, are CodeSmith templates with exposure to the entire .Net Framework which you can utilize with a few keystrokes inside of Visual Studio 2005. The output of your ActiveSnippet will be rendered right where you invoke the ActiveSnippet.

ActiveSnippet Features:

  • You have access to the entire .Net Framework, SchemaExplorer, XmlProperty, Custom Assemblies, or another rich meta-data source.
  • Complex Objects such as an XmlProperty and SchemaExplorer types can exist as properties in your CodeSmith Template, and can be used as arguments to an ActiveSnippet.
  • An ActiveSnippet can be configured inside Visual Studio for any valid existing CodeSmith Template.
  • Use CTRL + E, CTRL+ E to expand an ActiveSnippet alias or to view all ActiveSnippets Configured.
  • Use CTRL + E, CTRL + R to view usage information for a particular ActiveSnippet.
  • Sample Table Data Enumeration Template found in the video.

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