Self Hosting Exceptionless – Free and Fast!

Self Hosting Exceptionless

Self hosting allows you to run your own instance of Exceptionless, our real-time error, feature, and log reporting tool, on your own systems – FOR FREE!

Not Just Free, but Fast! #

When developing Exceptionless 3.0, we put extensive focus on making self hosting much easier, and therefore more viable, for our users.

It is now possible to get a test environment up and running on your local machine in only a few minutes, and production environments can be set up very quickly as well.

Or continue reading for more information and a demonstration.

How Easy? Super Easy! #

Demo Time! #

Getting your self hosted instance of Exceptionless up and running is super easy. In the video below, Blake does the entire install on his local machine and is sending events to Exceptionless in less than 2 minutes!

Please note that you should review the requirements on the Self Hosting Documentation page before installing your own instance.

We’re Always Improving #

Exceptionless has come a long way, and it’s only going to get easier, faster, and more robust moving forward. Our users are a huge part of that, so please submit an issue on GitHub or send us an in-app message if you have any feedbacks, bugs, installation questions, etc. Thanks!