PLINQO for NHibernate, Beta 1 Released!

It’s been a long time coming: Updated NHibernate templates are finally here!
Oh wait, not updated, all new and improved NHibernate templates!

PLINQO for NHibernate

PLINQO makes NHibernate "so easy, even a caveman can do it."

PLINQO can generated your HBM files, entity classes, and all NHibernate configuration in seconds. It then allows you to safely regenerate that code at anytime, thus synchronizing your mappings with the database while still intelligently preserving custom changes. PLINQO for NHibernate is a enhance and simplify wrapping of NHibernate that brings the best practices, optimizations, and convenience of the PLINQO frameworks to NHibernate.

PLINQO offers these primary features over standard NHibernate:

  • Instantly generate your HBM files from your database.
  • Instantly generate your Entities from your HBM files.
  • Quickly and safely regenerate your data layer against your database.
    • You can customize your HBM files and safely regenerate them!
  • Intelligently seeks out and merges data changes with code changes.
  • Generates chainable query extension methods that simplify query logic.
  • Query extensions support advanced comparison and containment operators.

Download the templates or the sample application, and then give us your feedback on the forums!

public void Promotion()
    // The NHibernate Session is created for you.
    using (var db = new TrackerDataContext())
        // Query a User from the database.
        User tom = db.User

        // Query a Role from the database.
        Role manager = db.Role

        // RoleList is a Many to Many collection.

        // Flush all changes to the database.

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