.netTiers 2.2 Released!

.netTiers 2.2 is a maintenance release with several bug fixes, and enhancements to your CodeSmith Generation options. There are over 150+ bug fixes and improvements from the .netTiers 2.1 release. The 2.2 release was a real community effort as several enhancements and fixes were provided by the members of the .netTiers community. Your contributions, time …Read More

.netTiers 2.2

Download .netTiers Here 07/25/2007 – [FIX] Corrected default value in column for NewId(), from new Guid(), to Guid.NewGuid() – [FIX] Added locks throughout EntityFactory to make thread-safe (contrib Taliesin) – [FIX] Corrected nUnit assembly output library path when using another path other than references. 07/23/2007 – [FIX] Corrected Include="***.user.*" to use an Exclude="***.csproj.user" as well. …Read More

CodeSmith 4.1.0

* Changed CodeSmith to auto refresh property values every time a template is run except inside CodeSmith Studio where there is an option to enable this behaviour. * Added new "Auto refresh properties" option to CodeSmith Studio that will cause properties to refresh their values before every run. * Added new "Refresh Properties" button to …Read More

NetTiers Documentation Award Winners

In April, we announced a need for some help from the community getting our NetTiers documentation at http://docs.nettiers.com/ off the ground. As a result, CodeSmith sponsored a contest to reward the top NetTiers wiki contributors from April 13th to May 16th with each winner to recieve a CodeSmith license and T-Shirt. Today, we want to …Read More

Introduction to CodeSmith Project Files

Introduction to CodeSmith Project Files Overview A new feature in CodeSmith 4.0 is the ability to manage groups of CodeSmith templates and their outputs with a single file called a CodeSmith Project. CodeSmith Projects enable you to define and run an entire code generation process quickly and easily using the environment of your choice. They …Read More

Tips & Tricks: Merge Strategies

Using merge strategies in CodeSmith enables you to combine both user and machine generated code in a single file. You can also regenerate the machine generated code while still preserving your custom code modifications. CodeSmith comes with two types of merge strategies out of the box: · InsertRegion – Allows you to insert a region …Read More

Tips & Tricks: ActiveSnippets

CodeSmith 4.0 delivers strong integration within Visual Studio and ActiveSnippets are a driver toward increasing developer productivity. ActiveSnippets, at a high level, are CodeSmith templates with exposure to the entire .Net Framework which you can utilize with a few keystrokes inside of Visual Studio 2005. The output of your ActiveSnippet will be rendered right where …Read More

Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith

For the most up-to-date version of this article please see the following documentation. Overview CodeSmith supports debugging by using the CLR’s Just-in-Time debugger. This article will show some tips and tricks in setting up CodeSmith templates to use the debugger. Allow Debugging in Template The first step to allow debugging a template is to set …Read More