NHibernate CodeSmith Templates 1.1

  • New Features
    • Added support for
      NHibernate 2.1! Now includes versions..

    • NHibernateSessions now
      close ISessions that are not in use.
    • Managers now implement
    • New Manager Members
      • Query
      • UniqueQuery
      • Cirteria
      • Evict
    • Added ExcludedColumn
      property to templates.
    • Added Row Version
      support in HBM.
    • Added Nullable
      Column/Type support.
    • Added Extended
      Property ("cs_alias") to override table and column names.
    • Updated ManyToMany
  • Bug Fixes
    • No more ObjectDisposed
      exceptions from global ISession. (This depends on the proper disposal of
    • Added checking for
      null/empty ExcludedColumns regex patterns.
    • Now Association
      Columns will get properties when their table is excluded.
    • Updated version column
      logic to prevent primary key property duplication on generation.
    • Changed default HBM
      Bag Inverse attribute to false to fix many to many persistence issue.
    • SearchCritera was
      including foreign keys columns even when their associated tables were
    • Updated UnitTests to
      use only non key and version columns for Update.
    • Removed
      MembersPrimaryKeyUnion and integrated logic with Members list; this
      should prevent redundant properties from being created for primary key
    • Fix Row Version rutime
      bug in HBM.
    • Column names will no
      be set to singluar for no reason.
    • Better duplicate
      member name prevention.
    • prevents duplication
      of columns and associations in the business entities
    • Now support creating
      unit test data for varchar(max).
    • Now support one table
      having two foreign keys tied to the same table.
  • Misc
    • Update:
      INHibernateSession.BeginTransaction now returns void.
    • Update:
      INHibernateSession.CommitTransaction now returns void.
    • Update:
      INHibernateSession.RollbackTransaction now returns void.
    • Removed:
      INHibernateSessionManager.CreateSession (Use default NHibernateSession
      constructor instead.)
    • Update: Removed
      automatic flush on session close.
    • Update: Row Version
      Regex; now accepts only columns named "RowVersion" or
    • Update: HBM files use

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