.netTiers 2.3.1

.netTiers 2.3.1 is a maintenance release with scores of bug fixes and enhancements. There are over 60+ bug fixes and improvements since .netTiers 2.3.0 release. Your contributions, time and effort are greatly appreciated. We, the .netTiers Team, want to say "THANK YOU" for your help in improving our product.

The team decided to drop support for Enterprise library 4.1 as Enterprise Library 5.0 has the same requirements. Please note that Enterprise Library 3.1 support is still included. Also this allows us to make the upgrade path to .netTiers 3.0 much easier as it will only be targeting the latest version of Enterprise Library (5.0 or the latest version).

The new and notable changes are:

You can view the current changes.log file for a complete list of all the changes.

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