.netTiers 2.2 Released!

.netTiers 2.2 is a maintenance release with several bug fixes, and enhancements to your CodeSmith Generation options. There are over 150+ bug fixes and improvements from the .netTiers 2.1 release. The 2.2 release was a real community effort as several enhancements and fixes were provided by the members of the .netTiers community. Your contributions, time and effort are greatly appreciated. We, the .netTiers Team, want to say "THANK YOU" for your help in improving our product.

The new and notable changes are:

  • Added Enterprise Library 3.0 and 3.1 as generation options.
  • Added several performance enhancements to the .netTiers framework.
  • Corrected several multi-threading issues throughout the framework
  • Refactored UnitTest output so that the tests are atomic.
  • Added several naming convention styles to your generated output.
  • Corrected many to many relationship deep save issues with composite keys
  • .netTiers Templates now compile as a single assembly within CodeSmith to improve performance
  • Major refactoring to all naming methods, now with an easy to use mapping file option.
  • Updated the AjaxToolkit to latest released version.
  • Added the ability to add your own files to the project, and they will be added again. Any file ending with *.user.*
  • Added ability to drop all .netTiers procedures from your database (use with caution)
  • Added Several methds to the typed datasources AppendRange, AppendIsNull, AppendIsNotNull
  • Refactored Web admin to leverage several AjaxToolkit controls
  • Added UTF-8 response encoding to the output of all .netTiers templates

You can view the current changes.log file for a complete list of all the changes.

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