Insight 1.4 Released, Includes Visual Reports

Seeing is believing.

Graphic displays are invaluable to reporting services, just look at Google Analytics. I could spend all day telling you numbers and describing trends, and then I could show you one chart and have that information sink in instantly.

Now you can finally get that clarity of vision for your exception reports, and truly see the health of your application.
CodeSmith Insight 1.4 includes new visual reports with graphs and charts.

Project Exception Summary

Provides a visual representation of how your projects are doing over time. Select a specific project and view a line graph of its incoming exceptions over time, a chart of the top 10 exceptions, a bar graph of the most exception prone modules, and a pie chart of the top exception types.

Response Summary

Provides a visual representation of email responses. Shows stats for incoming and outgoing emails for projects, users, and days of the week. Displays information about average response times, and shows pie charts or response distribution and replies.

Case Sources

Provides a multiple bar graph of cases in your system, and shows what project they are assigned to and how they were created (email, internal, or service).

Top Exception Types

A pie chart of the top exception types by project.

Top Modules

A bar graph of the most exception prone modules by project.

Exception Summary

Provides a report of the top exceptions in a given window of time. Search between any range of dates, view all projects or drill into one specifically, and then use links provided in the report to open specific views and cases from the results.

And More!

As always this release comes with additional bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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