CSLA 4.0


  • Added support for Generator 6.5 (The CSLA 4.0 Templates require Generator 6.5).
  • Added support for generating from Stored Procedures and Views.
  • Added support for CSLA 4.3.10.
  • Updated the templates to use the latest version of SchemaHelper (many improvements to association detection, naming conventions and much more).
  • Added various List Business Object enhancements. The generated list Business Objects now contain the following methods Get, GetByCriteria, Remove, Contains and ContainsDeleted.
  • Added support for generating off of key less Data Sources.
  • Added the ability to exclude associations from being generated.
  • Templates now generating Async methods by default.
  • Added Beta LINQ-to-SQL Support (contrib: Joe McPherson). This requires generating PLINQO for LINQ to SQL and is not documented.
  • Improved support for Silverlight, NameValueLists, ObjectFactory, Composite Keys and Child relationships.
  • Added support for IncludeExpressions, you can now specify a Regex for only the entities you wish to include.
  • Added support for better Friendly Names in regards to generated properties. To override the default Generated Friendly Name, simply add an ExtendedProperty to the database column called CS_FriendlyName.
  • Improved workflow for Criteria generation. They will now be automatically generated based on the entities you select.
  • When the DataAccessImplementation is set to none, the data access partial classes will not be regenerated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause entities to be generated even though they were not selected or ignored.
  • ReadOnly Objects will only generate Select Stored Procedures.
  • Updated the Comments in ADOHelper.cst to reflect that changes could be lost.
  • Fixed a bug where ObjectFactory Child List Items wouldn’t be marked as child.
  • Fixed a bug where a "Child_Fetch not implemented" exception could be thrown.
  • Declaration of AddBusinessRules causes Overriding even when not implemented.
  • Fixed a bug with retrieval of VarBinary datatypes.
  • Fixed a bug with detecting read only objects as children in DataPortal_Update.
  • Fixed a bug where text columns had an invalid max length rule.
  • Removed a fix for a bug where a BO would be marked as invalid if the DataPortal_Create in a child property didn’t have the non identity column set to a any value.
  • Update criteria classes enclose the FullTableName in brackets.
  • Fixed a bug with CSLA Rules where not being fully qualified.
  • Fixed a bug where ADOHelper.GetBytes() could throw a run time exception.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate schemas could cause problems with sql queries.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.

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