CSLA 2.0.0

  • Added SQL Stored Procedure support
  • Added Object Factory support.
  • Added merge region support as well as support to actively generate stored procedures.
  • Added ExistsCommand, this does a database lookup to see if an item exists in the database.
  • Added support for generating ReadOnly business objects along side of an Editable business objects.
  • Added Column and Table renaming support.
  • Moved all repetitive template logic into sub templates (common folder)
  • Added support for the new ByPassPropertyCheck in CSLA 3.8.
  • Updated the templates to CSLA 3.8.2.
  • Fixed detection logic for GetBy Critiera.
  • Fixed many bugs dealing with Child objects and how they are populated.
  • Added partial method hooks for the DataPortal methods.
  • Updated the templates to throw an exception when a record doesn’t exist.
  • Added support to rename a non identity primary key column.
  • Fixed many other template bugs.

Download CSLA templates

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