CodeSmith Tools Turns 10 This Month – 30% Off Generator!


October 20th will mark the 10th anniversary of CodeSmith Tools!

It’s been a fun, exciting adventure full of amazing users, great new technologies, keyboard-pounding late nights, countless lines of code, and over 4,700,000 downloads (since we started counting)!

We want to thank each and every one of you for the support and feedback over the years by having our biggest sale ever. If you’ve always wanted to give Generator a try, need to renew, need more licenses, or want to upgrade…

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10 Years of Generator

A few fun stats we’ve kept up with over the years…

  • 4,790,000+ Downloads
  • 393,995 Lines of Code
  • 30,670 Orders
  • 48,396 License Keys
  • 12 Awards, incl. "Best Utility" & "Dev Tool of the Year"
  • Mentioned in 8 Books
  • 7 Major Versions
  • 71 Total Versions
  • 50,412 Forum Posts
  • 12,638 Forum Threads
  • 200,230 Verified Website Accounts
  • Over 5,500,000 Page Views since ’07

And. Still. Coding…

There’s no slowing down!

Earlier in 2014, we released Generator 7.0, which included VS 2013 and SQL Azure support, among many other new features and bug fixes. Just last week V7.02 came out. There’s no end in site!

Once again, Thank You!

– The CodeSmith Tools Team

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  • Open Source
  • Custom objects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Status Assignments
  • Fluent API
  • Offline Support
  • Flexible Hosting

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