CodeSmith Insight v1.2 Released

All software has bugs. Let Insight find them before your users do.

CodeSmith Insight is an Error Reporting and User Feedback Service.
Go from signing up to catching every error in your application in 15 minutes or less.

CodeSmith Insight 1.2 is all about making Insight easier to get started, and easier to use.

Easier To Get Started

  • Sign up page greatly simplified.
  • Can log in immediately after sign up, no need to wait for email.
  • Sample Project is now automatically imported on account creation.
  • Getting started instructions updated and stream lined.
  • Added FAQ section to our website.

Usability Enhancements

  • Added search box to top of Insight.
  • Added latest client download link to getting started page and account drop down.
  • Simplified case detail preview panel display options.
  • Moved auto search panel into view panel, now each view has it’s own auto search.
  • Search tabs now auto refresh when viewed.

Please see the full change log for more details.

Insight Introductory Discount

We are running an introductory discount special where all early adopters receive a 25% lifetime discount on their Insight subscriptions.

This offer applies to all subscriptions, including the Free Subscription, and there are no obligations or commitments to receive the lifetime discount. This special will only be available for a limited time, so be sure and sign up for CodeSmith Insight today!

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