CodeSmith Insight Released

CodeSmith Introduces Free Cloud Offering for Customer Support

DALLAS, Texas, October 12, 2010 – CodeSmith Tools, LLC, an award winning provider of productivity tools, announces the release of a new on-demand help desk product: CodeSmith Insight.

CodeSmith Insight is a powerful, on-demand customer support tool built to integrate with the way you work. In addition to traditional help desk support capabilities it integrates directly with email and user feedback and can also be fully integrated into applications to provide error reporting details similar to those built by Apple and Microsoft.

“CodeSmith Insight is all about communication.” says Eric J Smith, founder and CEO of CodeSmith Tools. “Previously, you would use a series of separate systems to handle all this information, but we know that email, user feedback, and crash reports are just various forms of communication, and that they all belong together. This allows our customers to focus their efforts directly on what their users are experiencing, regardless of how they are saying it."

CodeSmith Insight is useful to anyone and everyone that builds software. It connects end users and applications directly to support technicians and developers alike. Scott Cate (of had this to say, “We used to have all errors from our many different products emailed into a CRM, but the reality is that they became overwhelming and didn’t get the attention they needed. With CodeSmith Insight, our information is gathered into a single location and automatically organized in an easy to use web application that also enables us to seamlessly communicate with our users. It’s been extremely valuable in helping us be proactive and ensuring a great user experience.”

CodeSmith Insight is provided as a cloud service, and getting started is free.

For more information on CodeSmith Insight, visit our website (, or contact us directly via email (

About CodeSmith Tools, LLC.

CodeSmith Tools, LLC, founded in 2004, is a high-tech company that develops software tools focused on helping software developers be more productive. CodeSmith Tools is headquartered in Dallas, Texas

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