CodeSmith Insight 1.5.0


  • Updated all client builds. Please update your clients to the latest version.
  • Added support for ReplyTo emails.
  • Added Version custom field type.
  • Added support for searching by major or minor version custom field type values (E.G., version:6.5 or version:6).
  • Added support for CaseDocument to have lists of numeric types.
  • Various improvements for importing cases from Imap and Pop3.
  • Updated services and clients to handle various SSL scenarios.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where clients could throw a NullReferenceException when the integrating application used Nlog.
  • Fixed a website bug where attachment file sizes were shown as null in the case detail pane.
  • Fixed a website bug that could occur when creating new Custom Fields.
  • Fixed a bug where the WPF clients could throw an exception on Windows XP due to Vista icon file format.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.


  • Removed .NET 3.5 and Silverlight clients. Previous versions of the client libraries will continue to work as expected.

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