CodeSmith Insight 1.1

New Features

  • Silverlight Client now available.
  • Paid Plans now use SSL.
  • Client now uses a new REST API, which will be publicly available soon.
  • Now using OAuth 2.0 for authorization.
  • IgnoredStatusCodes configuration setting added.
  • Added AutoDiscardCount limit.

Performance Optimizations

  • Email Sender optimized, emails are sent much quicker.
  • Case Indexer optimized, cases enter the system much quicker.

Bug Fixes

  • IgnoredPlatforms now correctly applies to case submission.
  • AutoMinimizeDetailCount can no longer get skipped.
  • Fixed form validators in IE.
  • Spellchecker now supports copy paste.
  • Reply All can now update status.
  • Fixed bug where audit logs could missed rule changes.

Usability Enhancements

  • App configuration no longer requires ProjectId.
  • Removed overly complex XML based rules.