CodeSmith Insight

New Features

  • Insight Web Application now has a new style and new logos!
  • Added prompt to ask if you want to sign up or not when session is expiring.
  • Increased idle log out time to 20 minutes (up from 10).
  • Insight Module now stacks Internal Server Error (500).
  • Getting Started panel now includes billing information.
  • View drag and drop support enhanced for dynamic custom field types.
  • All billing pages now require SSL.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed caching issue with Google Chrome where cases would not always update.
  • New cases will no longer be stacked with trashed cases.
  • Users will no longer receive Index Writer Closed Error when editing multiple cases.
  • Disabled mailboxes are no longer able to send email.
  • Fixed misnamed assemblies in configuration wizard.
  • Shared snippets will no longer override personal snippets.
  • Updating custom fields will now refresh case data.
  • Fixed bug where user audits were not always getting populated with name.
  • User’s default mailbox will now be persisted after multiple saves.

Usability Enhancements

  • Email Address now validates in first step of mailbox wizard.
  • Fixed several Opera usability issues.
  • End users may no longer search open cases.