CodeSmith Generator 6.0–Status, Website and Future

We are on the home stretch of Generator 6.0 and things have come together really nicely. This is going to be a great release! We have been mostly working on performance, memory utilization and bug fixes, and we are doing really good on all fronts now. The feedback we have been getting is very positive and everyone seems to love the new version. We are really excited to get this release out the door, but we have some house cleaning to finish first.

I have been working on making updates to our website code that will allow us to sell Generator 6.0. The website code has always sort of been a low priority and it was starting to really show. So we are doing some major refactoring and cleanup work to make things clean and simple.

Now that the Generator 6.0 project is starting to wind down, we are beginning to think about what comes next. We have received feedback from a few people saying that they would like to see a stand alone template editor in addition to the integrated editor. The good news is that the way we built the new editor would make it so that we could reuse almost everything in a stand alone editor. We would like to hear from more people about whether or not we should spend the time and resources to create a stand alone version of the new editor. And if so, should the editor take on a different form than the old CodeSmith Studio? Should it be more of a notepad-esque editor that lets you edit a single template per instance or should it be a full blown VS clone like CodeSmith Studio was? Let us know what you think by sending an email to