CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 3

New Features

  • The Template Editor no longer locks assembly references.
  • Added Go to Definition support (beta).
  • Added Code Navigation support.
  • Added View Source context menu item to view a templates code behind file.
  • Added ExtendedPropertyNames class which gives quick access to all defined ExtendedProperty Names.
  • Added the ability to create new files and folders to Template Explorer and Windows Explorer.

Bug Fixes

  • Major updates to the ActiveSnippet Configuration dialog that includes validation and much more.
  • Fixed a bug where a black Visual Studio theme would not be formatted properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the PropertyGrid was not refreshing property values that were updated dynamically.
  • Updated all providers to use the new utility class for ExtendedProperty Names.
  • Fixed a StackOverFlowException that could occur if an error occurred while showing the output window.
  • Update the about us dialog to include lines generated.
  • Fixed a bug where Visual Studio could crash at launch due to an corrupt visual style.
  • Fixed a bug where Template and Compiler Errors were not taking priority over Warnings when being merged.
  • Fixed a bug where the CompileTemplateResult would return an incorrect result when any CompileWarnings existed.
  • Fixed a bug where Manage Outputs would not properly save an output when a template existed on a different hard drive.
  • Fixed a bug where Template Explorer wasn’t properly saving or loading a CodeSmith Generator Project File.
  • Fixed a bug where the installer would write to an incorrect registry hive on 64bit machines.
  • Fixed a bug where the Name Attribute Value on a Property Directive wouldn’t be valid if it had a space as the leading or ending character.
  • Fixed a Stack Overflow Exception that was occurring in MemberColumnSchemaCollection’s IndexOf method.

Performance Enhancements

  • Many performance and memory optimizations across CodeSmith Generator.
  • Updated the Template Editor to apply the default Visual Studio Fonts and Colors when opening a template.

Usability Enhancements

  • Added a start menu link to the online help and API documentation.
  • Samples are now kept up-to-date on an end users machine without overwriting any modified templates upon extraction.
  • Added support for refreshing cached PropertyGrid values (E.G., DatabaseSchema).
  • Updated the ADOXSchemaProvider to use the new Microsoft ADOX ConnectionString Designer.
  • Updated the OracleSchemaProvider to use the new Microsoft Oracle ConnectionString Designer.
  • PostgreSQLSchemaProvider’s and SqlSchemaProvider’s CommandSchema and ColumnSchema ExtendedProperty name for CS_IsScalarFunction now share the same name (maintained backwards compatibility).
  • Fixed an issue where Enumerations with defined base types could lock up the PropertyGrid.
  • Updated the TemplateSession to refresh the CodeTemplate’s instance when clicking generate.
  • Fixed an issue where a file could be opened from the Template Explorer Window in a new Visual Studio Instance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Error Window would be out of date when switching between templates.
  • The Error Window is now cleared when you close a template editor.
  • Updated the TemplateEditorDocument to refresh the errors when a parse error occurs when the generate button is clicked.
  • Updated the GetHashCode() for all of SchemaExplorer’s implementations.
  • Fixed a bug where Custom UITypeEditor’s were showing up with non-default formatting styles.
  • Fixed a bug where Custom UITypeEditor’s Dropdown Menus were not behaving correctly due to a focus issue.
  • Updated all of the CodeSmith Generator Sample Projects.

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