CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 2

  • Change RenderToFile to not modify a file if the contents would be the same. Helps with exclusive checkouts.
  • Fixed template includes so that all templates should work now.
  • Fixed issue with collapsing code behind items in solution explorer after generating.
  • New property grid editors for common data types.
  • Added a new TemplateContext.Current that allows getting access to the currently executing template.
  • Double clicking template inside of codesmith explorer in VS will now open the file for editing.
  • Massive SchemaExplorer refactor including interfaces for all schema objects and better designer and serializer support.
  • Improved error messages and more robust checks during template parsing.
  • Improved the error window behaviour for templates.
  • Fixed various licensing bugs.
  • Fixed bugs where schema providers were not being found properly.
  • Better support for old UITypeEditors.
  • Added new TemplateSourceGenerator custom tool for .cst files that enables better template debugging support.
  • Fixed parser bug that wasn’t parsing <% // some comment %> correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where an Exception would occur when trying to load a template marked as read-only.
  • Added initial code navigation drop downs to the top of the template editor.
  • Fixed issue with being able to copy text from the output window.
  • Many more minor bug fixes.

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