CodeSmith Generator 6.0.3

New Features

  • Added PropertiesLoaded and PropertiesSaved events to CodeTemplate. This allows for the ability to be notified when all template properties have been saved or loaded.
  • Added the ability to exclude specific properties from being copied to a sub template.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Environment.CurrentDirectory wasn’t being set to the current template directory during Generation which broke backwards compatibility in some templates.
  • Fixed a bug where the JsonPropertySerializer wasn’t loading Interfaced property values.
  • Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException could occur while retrieving Visual Studio settings.
  • Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException could occur when accessing a class that deriving from ColumnSchema via interfaces.
  • Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException would occur while rendering a template if you called the CopyPropertiesTo(true) overload.
  • Fixed a bug where the MSBuild integration could throw a NullReferenceException.

Usability Enhancements

  • Added CopyTo Overload for backwards compatibility.
  • Solved an error that could occur while configuring Generate On Build when using TFS Source Control.
  • Updated the Template Editor look and feel to feel more like the Visual Studio Editor.
  • Added an detailed error message when the InsertClassMergeStrategy is unable to insert content.
  • The Privacy Policy link no longer throws an exception during the registration process.

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