CodeSmith 5.0 Beta

* Added ability to deep load all schema information at once which results in huge performance improvements. This is used by setting the DeepLoad attribute on any SchemaExplorer property in your template. This would typically be used when you know you are going to use all of the schema information from a database.
* Ability to use .net 3.5 features in templates including LINQ. This is accomplished by setting the CompilerVersion attribute on CodeTemplate to "v3.5".
* CodeSmith Projects now have a single file output mode to generate all template outputs into a single file.
* Added Ability to generate individual project outputs.
* Changed Manage Outputs dialog to make it easier to manage outputs and added an options dialog for changing project settings.
* Made it so that files being generated from a CodeSmith Project are checked out of source control before being edited.
* Improved the custom tool upgrade process so that it works 100% in all scenarios without having to make manual changes afterward.
* CodeSmith Projects can now add files to Visual Studio as code behind files to other generated files.
* CodeSmith Projects can now set a generated files build action.
* Added ability to resolve assemblies located in paths relative to the template now using Path attribute. Looks in template folder and bin folder by default.
* Optimized template caching algorithm allows for much improved performance.
* Templates use partial classes now so you can have partial class code behinds and have access to template properties from the code behind file.
* Added template metadata caching.
* Added GetPropertyAttribute and SetPropertyAttribute to CodeTemplate.
* Property attribute values are added for any non-recognized attributes on Property, XmlProperty and CodeTemplate directives.
* Made all SchemaExplorer objects serializable.
* Fixed bug with refreshing SchemaExplorer objects where it would not show all extended properties of the object after refresh.
* Re-organized all sample templates and projects into a more logical folder structure.
* Added new NHibernate templates in both C# and Visual Basic.
* Made various improvements to the Plinqo templates.
* .netTiers updated to the 2.3 Beta version of the templates.
* Added VB versions of many sample templates and projects.
* Added a couple new maps and ActiveSnippets.
* Included the latest version of the NuSoft framework templates.

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CodeSmith 5.0 Public Beta Announcement